From the Prayer Corner -- Prayers for February


Valentine’s Day - which is all about love and longing and relationship - is celebrated this month.  When we fall in love, we long for and want to spend time with the object of our affection and we willingly give our attention to the relationship. Falling in love with Jesus should be no different, but believers often hurry through Bible reading and prayer. The result is a superficial faith kept alive by habit rather than worship. To attain lasting intimacy, we must approach God with a sense of purpose and determination. Purpose—”Now set your heart and your soul to seek the LORD your God,” King David advised the leaders of Israel.(1 Chronicles 22:19)  


If we desire intimacy with Him, it is necessary for us to approach the spiritual disciplines purposefully. Before opening your Bible, ask the Lord what He wants to say to you. Pray to understand His ways - He loves answering that plea.  Pray the Scripture verses back to Him – He loves when you use His words to talk to Him. Even when we do not feel like putting time into our relationship with Christ, we must determine to do so.  Determination—“Indeed, my spirit within me seeks you diligently,” Isaiah told God.(Isaiah 26:9)  Those who diligently seek the Savior experience His presence in their worship and in their prayers.


Getting to know Jesus brings pure joy into a believer’s life. However, we must be willing to offer Him prime time, not our leftover minutes. God gives us His best – His only Son, Jesus; we should put forth no less in return.  Like any loving relationship, our intimacy with Jesus requires that we give Him our time. These quiet moments are meant for prayer, worship or meditation on His Word instead of working through a request list. “Too often we Christians stretch out our hands, but not our hearts—we would rather know Him as the One who answers prayer instead of loving Him for Himself. To achieve a true friendship, we must talk with Christ as our Friend and listen for Him to speak”.  - Charles Stanley


This February - with purpose and determination - devote some time to prayer -  and reading God’s Word - spending time with the One who really loves you!!  And you just might fall in love too!!

Wednesday Morning Prayer – 8:00am-8:30am 

Prayer is a powerful way for us to receive the grace of God in our life. As we pray God moves. God moves in response to our requests. God moves closer to us in relationship. God moves on our hearts so that we more deeply experience his love. These are powerful things we don’t want to miss as a church community. Come join your pastors every Wednesday in the sanctuary, as we set aside time to pray to our God. Make the effort to come before work! Come as a way to jumpstart your day!  

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 “Nothing tends more to cement the hearts of Christians than praying together.”  

- Charles G. Finney

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