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Dear Friends


Greetings in the name of Jesus!  Most of us cannot wait for 2020 to end because we have been overwhelmed by bad news this year.  Some of us have had a difficult year filled with personal hardship and loss.  There were three major distressing news items which impacted all of us –the Covid-19 pandemic, increased racial tensions in our country and the political discord leading up to the November election.  Any one of those situations would have been enough to cause concern in a year.  It has been too much to take.  We are ready to have 2020 end!


Many people hope that flipping the page on the calendar will change our circumstances.  We know that probably is not the case.  While distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine has begun, the process will take months until the majority of the population is safe.  Racism will not end easily or quickly and political differences will continue to be with us. The hurt that some of us feel does not heal rapidly.  As much as we would seek an end to our problems, it is not found simply in the passing of time.


We trust in God to get us through the problems that we face personally and as a nation.  The beginning of the new year does not bring an end to last year’s problems or challenges.  God alone can bring complete healing, comfort, and wholeness.


While the end of 2020 probably will not solve all of our problems, a new year does present an opportunity to start fresh.   If you are like me, you realize that there are places in your life where you need to improve.  You may not pray as often or for as long as you might like.  You may not spend as much time reading and studying the Scriptures.  You may have become judgmental or bitter towards others.  You might realize that you should be more aware of the needs of others and discover ways to reach out to them with compassion.


Perhaps 2021 brings an opportunity for us to become part of the solution to many of the problems facing our world.  If we would look to God to change our hearts and lives, our church, our communities and even our nation might look differently.  If we are motivated by Christ’s love to grow into His image, we might be the change that is needed.


My prayer for all of us is for a better year and a better world.  I look for God to transform my life so I can follow Christ more closely and grow in Him.   I pray you will do as well.



Pastor Keith

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