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Summer Prayers


O God,
The warmth of the sun's embrace,
the gentle breeze coming in over the lake,
the chirping of birds and crickets, 
the buzzing of mosquitos and bees,
the dripping, sticky juice of watermelons,
the smell of smokey campfires,
the clicking of ice cubes in our lemonade.

All of these are signs of summer’s arrival.
All of these are ways that we can glimpse You in nature and in our lives.

They remind us that we can see You, feel You, find You, and know You in concrete ways.

This summer, we pray that we may find You and recognize You, God, as we walk through this world. As we feel the sunlight peering through the windows even before our alarms have time to ring, may we also feel Your love filling our lives.

As we hear the casting of fishing poles and the light drips of jumping fish in the water, may we also hear Your voice calling our names and beckoning us to listen to You throughout our day.

As we search for relaxation and renewal, as we look for connection and family, may we also look for where You are calling us and where You are pointing us to serve.

As we scratch our bug bites and soothe our sunburn, may we also soothe those facing deeper pains and hurts in their lives right now. May we pay attention to the itch within, the nudge of Your Holy Spirit, to live for the sake of others, showing them the beauty that exists in Your world and sharing our compassion and generosity with them.

Summer is filled with many wonderful things and experiences. May our summers also be filled to the brim with Your presence and our connection to You and to each other.

In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

(Portions taken from an article by Brooke Steiner)

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 “Nothing tends more to cement the hearts of Christians than praying together.”  

- Charles G. Finney