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From The Prayer Corner: The Best New Year's Resolution – Prayer!

The new year is a time of new beginnings – chances to try new things, start over, shed old bad habits, and encourage healthy new ones.  Below are some examples of praying through your resolutions.  This year consider adding “More Prayer” to your list of New Year’s Resolutions.


1. Be Better to My Body - Dear God, This is the year I will be better to my body. I will be careful in my diet, walk more, exercise with regularity, and visit the doctor for check-ups. Thank You God, for the gift of my body, I will care for this amazing network of muscle, bone, fluids and organs that You lovingly made for me. ~Amen


2. Read and Learn More - Dear God, This is the year I will use my mind for good. I will read, watch, and listen with intent and purpose. No longer will I fill my mind with gossip, hyped-up news stories, or cheap fiction. I will make reading Your Word a priority. I will seize every learning opportunity. Thank You God for the brain You ingeniously built just for me. ~Amen


3. Be Kinder - Dear God, This is the year I will be kinder to my family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. I will do random acts of kindness for strangers. I will embrace all of Your creatures with consideration and compassion. I will be conscious of nature and do what I can to keep it in its cleanest and most productive state. I will honor everyone and everything of Your creation. ~Amen


4. Be Better With Money - Dear God, This is the year I will be more responsible about money. I will work hard and work smarter. I will save more and spend less. Neither a lender nor a borrower I will be. I will let money flow through me and see it used to better myself and to make the world a better place.  ~Amen


5. Pray More - Dear God, This is the year I add more prayer to my life. I will praise and thank You more. I will offer daily prayers not only for my own sake but for others as well. I will be more active in a spiritual community that shares my values. And God, each and every day this year, I will pray for peace.  ~Amen


**TIPS - Easy ways to set aside 15 minutes each day to pray:  You could wake up 15 minutes earlier; Pray in the shower; Pray while you’re shaving or doing your hair/make-up; Pray during your morning or evening commute; Pray while folding laundry; Pray on your lunch break; Pray while walking or exercising; Pray while making dinner; Pray with your kids before they go to sleep every night.  The possibilities are endless!



We would like to extend an invitation to you to be part of the BUMC Prayer Team and have the privilege of praying for our church, our community, and each other.  All are welcome.  Simply send your e-mail address to Lora Stafura, Cathy Dambach  or Heather Brown and you will begin to receive the e-mail prayer requests that go out periodically. 

Join the Email Prayer Team! It’s easy.  Here’s how:


Contact Lora Stafura in the church office at  or

Cathy Dambach, or Heather Brown and the monthly prayer list will be emailed to you. Occasionally we also have weekly urgent requests that are sent out as well. Thank you!


 “Nothing tends more to cement the hearts of Christians than praying together.”  

- Charles G. Finney

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